Like a bud that blooms into a beautiful flower, various generations of capable, exceptional & remarkable personalities have given their heart and soul in nurturing this association which has proven many a times and over, that with team work, dedication and willingness to accomplish a task, that a feat of any greatness can be accomplished.

Mangalore Branch of SICASA this year has seen more than 1500 aspiring Chartered Accountants. With a massive student strength backed by the technical and unsurmountable knowledge of the Chartered Accountants guiding them, SICASA has strived its best to help its fellow members flourish, be it profession wise or otherwise.

The activities conducted in the past few years are numerous ranging from various study circles conducted every month to One-day Technical Seminars catering the needs of various students from time to time and help them become better professionals on the go. In a country like India, which derives most of its inflow from the Service Sector, Mangalore Branch of SICASA has strived its best to keep its fellow member updated all time of the year with its newsletter Elan. Various sessions on soft skill developments, group discussions and etiquettes having been taken up year. Besides this, we have also provided various Career Guidance to colleges in and around the city. This marvelous wing of SICASA also has its very own Annual Fest which has been a great hit among students of all age-groups, careers and mindset alike. Recently, it also hosted a National Conclave for Members in collaboration with the Branch administrators. Apart from this, SICASA has also seen a very promising response from its students, year after year for every innovative idea it has come up with. It also conducts an Indoor and Outdoor sports meet every year, with Cricket remaining a tradition every year. It also has its very own Residential two-day stay conducted for the students to relive the experience of camping. It has also conducted various visits to orphanages and schools alike and provided them with financial assistance with the help of philanthropist-like attitude among students who try their best to bring about a better world every day. It also takes great privilege in announcing that the Mangalore Branch of SICASA has been chosen to host a National Conclave of Students for the year 2015-16.

Today the Mangalore Branch of SICASA stands proudly among various other fellow associations and allies alike, all thanks to the ever assisting group of students who turn out to grab hold of the situation and project it in the best manner possible whom we are ever-thankful and without whom we wouldn’t be the remarkable, outpacing and stupendous students association we are today!