Chairperson's Message

Dear ProfessionalColleagues,

Wish You All Happy &Prosperous Golden Jubilee Year 20-21 !!!!

I am indeed happy andenthusiastic to take over as the 32nd Chairman of the Mangalore Branch of the Southern IndiaRegional Council (SIRC) of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India(ICAI). Mangalore has anillustrious record of Past Chairman who have set a legacy during their years ofChairmanship. I thank the previous Chairman/Chair Person and the Committeemembers who have immensely contributed lot of efforts, countless daysto bring a grace to the previous chairmanships.We have grown over the yearsfrom being a small branch in rented premises to our own premises at MahendraArcade and later added one more spacious & prime location owncampus consisting of Parking lot in the Basement floor, Beautiful State of theArt Auditorium in the Ground Floor( 300 seater capacity), Board Room, Office& Chairman’s Chamber in the First Floor, Sales/ Service Counter, 2 wellequipped classrooms, 1 Spacious ITT Lab with 40 Computers, Reading Room whichcan accommodate 50 persons & Spacious Roof Top Terrace for refreshments/Canteen atPadil.


MangaloreBranch has registered an exponential growth in its 50 years of existence. Wealso had tremendous success rates among students appearing for this course andalso have laurels of students securing All India Rank in alllevels. Wehave wonderful examples of members who have excelled in the career path chosenby them. “Epitome of success that the current committee reins totake over from here on with the bench mark which is hard to beat”.


ICAI as aprofessional body having all its members under one umbrella by providingupdates time to time on all the latest changes happening in the profession. Theinstitute has several initiatives to strengthen Small and medium enterprisescapacity building measure. We, at Mangalore branch have to make the most ofthis opportunity by the ICAI. This also beckons the members of this branch inturn to reflect upon themselves as to what they can contribute in theirindividual capacity to strengthening the edifice of this great Institution.Our identities are bound by the integrity and professionalism displayed by usfrom time to time. The trust placed by all the stakeholders on the“Attest”functioncarried on by us increases our responsibility in all spheres of action. It istherefore time that, in the Golden Jubilee yearcelebration of this Branch that all the members in the jurisdiction of thisBranch vowto take a stand that holds the flag of our profession Sky High.


Aninstitution can be successful only when its members take active participationin its activities. I invite each and every member to take some part of theirvaluable time to associate in the activities of the Branch. The young membershave displayed vibrancy and dynamism in the activities of the Branch from timeto time. The committee expects that the young members will continue theiractive participation in the branch and other members also will pool in theirefforts from time to time. There are numerous Lady membersaffiliated to our Branch. I deem it my privilege to hold several Women Membersprograms by which we can add feather to the cap of the Institute.


India isnow one of the Largest and Influential economies in the World. To keep up withthe international standards, the regulators have introduced changes to existinglaws and also introduced new regulations. Some of these are in nascent stageslike GST. Industry & Trade expect Chartered Accountants to guide themthrough with their Expertise. The committee proposes to call a“Series oflearning and CPE Sessions with thehelp of SIRC and Central Council for the purpose of enhancing membersknowledge. I call upon the members of this Branch totake full use of the programs that will be held at various points of time.


ICAI hasbeen expanding coverage for the members under the CA Benevolent Fund.Thepurpose of this fund is to help the family of members of the Institute in theevent of their death or incapacity. I request all the members to generouslycontribute to this fund in this Golden Jubilee Year ofthe Branch. The committee also proposes to set up a“Golden Jubilee Fund for thebranch with the corpus of Rs.50 lakhsby settingup separate Golden Jubilee Fund Trust. The purpose of this fund is to support deserving students inthe form of scholarship or financial aid. The committee requests all members todonate for this noble cause liberally.


Ourprofession requires us to learn and adapt very fast. To understand new andemerging areas in business we need to keep ourselves in the know of things. Afamous Chinese Proverb says “One learns more from traveling a thousand milesthan from reading a thousand scrolls”. So, in addition to the study circlemeetings, CPE seminars and conferences, in its action plan, the Committee hasproposed to undertake a International visit / study tour to DubaiExpo 2020 in the mid November 2020. So keepyour dates reserved for this important event of the year.Residential Refresher Courses will also be conducted in Association with otherBranches along with sight seeing facility.


Message to Students

Our Beloved, vibrant & enthusiasticCA Students are the future Members of CA Fraternity. MangaloreBranch has a strong student base having over 3762 students.Our results over the past years has been on the rise with added honour of AllIndia ranks secured by many students. To add to the achievements and hard work,theInstitute is taking up new initiatives by conductingCounselling and Guidance Programme for Students pursuing their Articleship.

We willalso be initiating Coaching Facility for Foundation, Inter and FinalExams in the Institute premises lead by team of Experts. Constantrevision is mandatory for any student pursuing this course. Hence we will alsobe conducting Mock Test on monthly basis forvanishing the exam fear among students. To focus and increase the involvementof Students, there will be industrial visit every month which will support students to groom andinteract with the industrialistsand bringsclarity to important management & financial concepts. The students many atimes have found themselves in a quandary when there is an overlap inUniversity Exam dates and ICAI exam dates.TheInstitute is taking an initiativeto Co-ordinate with the Vice Chancellor of MangaloreUniversity to avoid such clash of dates. New ITT Lab and an Extra Class Roomwill be set up in order to facilitate more batches of ITT and MCS so thatstudents of our branch need not peep into the vacancy available to completeMandatory Orientation, ITT & GMCS programs.


Apart from aforesaid, StudentsConclave, Fortnightlyinteractive learning sessions in the form of Study Circle Meetings to be leadby CAsandother academic & non-academic programs will also be organized by theSICASA Members.

‘Some people change when they seethe light, others when they feel the heat’. I urge all of you to come withnew innovative ideas, advise, guidance and constructive criticism withsuggested solutions for the betterment of the Institute&Students Fraternity at large.


I congratulate CA.K SubramanyaKamath for beingelevated to thepost of Vice-Chairman,  CA.Abdur RahmanMusba tothe post ofSecretary,CA.Prasanna Shenoy M as the Treasurer, CA.Gautham Nayak M as the Chairman-Mangalore SICASA,CA.Gautham Pai D. for becoming a co-opted member, and CA AnanthaPadmanabha K for continuing in the committee as the Immediate Past chairman forthe year 2020-21.


One cannot build a legacy by standing still. We need tostart now. So we need to start our actions now. Let us all come together as onebig TEAM and work together asTogetherEveryone Achieves More.


 Sincerely Yours,

                                              CA S.S Nayak