Chairperson's Message

Dear all,

With utmost delight I wish to inform you that the Managing Committee of the Mangaluru Branch had its takeover ceremony for the year 2023-2024 on the 19th of February 2023 and the members of the Managing Committee have appointed me to take over as the Chairman of the Mangaluru Branch of SIRC of ICAI for the said period. The Mangaluru Branch has been in existence for more than fifty years now and is considered as one of the most vibrant branches of the ICAI. The Branch has over the years won a lot of awards and recognitions both at the national level and the regional level and today on taking over as the Chairman of the Branch I feel myself to be truly blessed as I will be holding the position which was in the past held by the stalwarts of our profession. 

The Mangaluru Branch had a great year under the Chairmanship of my predecessor CA Prasanna Shenoy and won the second-best branch award at the regional level under the medium category of branches. This is truly an Honor to all of us and I am extremely happy that the Branch is recognized for the hard work put in by Managing Committee under the leadership of CA Prasanna Shenoy. The Committee for the year 2023-2024 will have CA Gautham Pai D as the Vice Chairman, CA Prashanth Pai as the Secretary, CA Daniel Marsh Pereira as the Treasurer, CA Mamta Rao as the SICASA Chairperson and CA Prasanna Shenoy shall continue in the Committee as the Immediate Past Chairman. With efficient people in the committee the Mangaluru Branch is sure to reach to the newer heights.

The Mangaluru Branch is known for organizing programs with an intention of empowering its members and this year the Committee has an action plan that would ensure the empowerment of the Mangaluru Members. Some of the important points of the action plan for the year are the following:

  1. Forming of Advisory Committees on different subjects

  2. Continuation of Train to Gain Program of the Mangaluru Branch

  3. Organizing of Hands-on training Workshops for the members and the students

  4. Promoting more local resource persons in various subjects

  5. Keeping the Mangaluru Branch website updated

  6. Conducting Career Counselling programs to promote CA course.

  7. Organizing of ICAI Certification Courses and Diplomas for the benefits of the members

  8. Organizing CSR activities like Blood Donation Camps, Visit to Orphanages etc.

I am sure the above things can be easily achieved by the Managing Committee since the members of the branch in general and the past Chairpersons in particular have always been a big support for the branch activities and this year again I am sure the support will continue.

With this I would like to end my message

With best regards,

CA Gautham Nayak M.


Mangaluru Branch of SIRC of ICAI