SICASA Chairperson's Message

Dear students,

I’m delighted to address you all through this smart media. In this day & age of technology one should adopt the changes in the first place & then should adapt to it. The one, who fails either in one of the stage, turns out to be obsolete. Hence my dear students we did feel a need towards this website which will be a new tool in serving the students fraternity which is growing at Geometric Progression! In this regard our Mangalore Branch has been always the foremost to the students.

When we take up an education, integrally it consists of two parts. One makes you Earn a living & another teaches you How to live! When one takes up a professional course one needs to Study the way in which it’s designed as well as the way he’s supposed to act after qualification. Hence to be a true professional one needs to build all-round development. Of course priority for Studies should be given but it should not be the only way out. Therefore to excel in demanding fields Mangalore Branch aids the students in all possible ways. We are soon starting a Coaching Cell at the branch for CPT & IPCC streams. A Library facility to borrow reference books home is being opened soon. 

Since CA course is not a purely academic discipline like other graduate courses and moreover students are spread into different offices, often the students come out with a plea of missing their college fun. Hence to cater this and to unite them, SICASA associated with constant support from Managing Committee, made a grand slam inception by unleashing the first ever E-Newsletter. It’s being released on the first day of every month and gates of opportunities are wide open for students to provide Cover page art, Academic articles, fun corners, puzzles & the list continues.  SICASA at present is vibrant in its consecutive activities such as Study circles every fortnight, Industrial Visits, Seminars, Professional & Cultural Fests and lot more! 
Well, coming to the website, a portal is reserved for students’ category which demands a student to sign up. Once one logs in, he can draw immense resources such as Newsletters, Library Info, Announcements & what not!

Before I conclude let me recall few motivating lines, “For true success ask yourself these four questions: Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not now? ” “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.” And “Before you can work smart you must work hard.” With these initiative in mind I wish you all the very best. I wish & hope that you all will excel.


SICASA Chairman